Next Step Quilt Design's 150 Canadian Women Quilt

150 Canadian Women QuiltThere are many programs, blocks, fabrics and ideas for quilters to celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday.  This program was brought to our attention by Kathy O'Hagan and Connie Telford.   The special appeal of this quilt is the extra attention the designer has taken to honour 150 influential Canadian Women.  The description below was taken from their website.  Sign up by email here:
Sign up quickly so you won't be disappointed.  We have a good selection of red and white to help you co-ordinate your special Canada 150 quilt.


July 1, 2017 marks Canada’s 150th birthday. What better way to commemorate this than by creating a 150 block red and white quilt. And what better way than to learn about 150 inspiring Canadian pioneering women from yesteryear to today.

These pioneering women are entrepreneurs of their time, feisty, and do not take no for an answer. They are head strong, women’s libbers and radicals in the sense of non conformity. These women blazed a trail for all the women coming behind them. Each week for 50 weeks, we will introduce you to three Canadian pioneering women. In addition, there is a page of block instructions and a page for reflection of your journey in relation to that pioneering women.

Each block is 6½” unfinished/6” finished. The blocks range from super simple to finicky. All levels of quilters will be able to complete each block. This quilt can be constructed as a totally scrappy red and white to cream quilt or as a one background and scrappy red quilt. For the scrappy red use the full range from yellow red to blue red; for the scrappy white use the full range from white to tan. Remember the more variety the better the pieces go together.

There is no specific reason as to why these 150 Canadian pioneering women were chosen from hundreds of Canadian pioneering women. There is also no rhyme or reason to the order of women and blocks presented in this pattern series. If you are constructing a double or throw size quilt, then pick and choose the blocks to include in your quilt.


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